#ItsYourThing SlimFast

Recently, I received this box of goodies from @SlimFast and @Influenster.  I have to say, most products promoting weight loss taste really bad.  I was happy to try #ItsYourThing campaign though.  Surprise to me!  I really have loved everything!  While I have always liked the shakes, they are now improved with more protein and very little sugar.

The sour cream and onion chips were so tasty!  This will make an excellent swap out for potato chips lovers.  They are crisp and crunchy and you will love them.  The same is true for the sweeter version chips/crisps.  I also ate the protein bar as a meal replacement.  It was excellent and filled me up just fine.  So, the verdict is…all systems GO for trying these new weight loss products!

2015-12-23 15.07.41