Welcome Sunshine!

These feel and look great!

These feel and look great!

“Everything looks better sprinkled with a little sunshine”!  I love looking out at our backyard and seeing grass, birds, flowers, and the dog running around playing instead of gingerly going down the steps avoiding ice and snow.  I am so ready for all that spring brings.  While it’s still too chilly to have a coffee on the deck, it’s evident that the weather for that is soon upon us.  I am also very happy to finally feeling better!

I decided to try out a few new mediums this week.  It seems that wide headbands are worn by almost every lady these days.  I made one for myself and a friend so we could try them out.  Guess what?  We LOVE them!  It’s the perfect way to secure your hair out of the way for working on almost anything.  I am always getting glue, sticky vinyl pieces, melted chocolate, icing etc…in my hair.  I now wear my new headband and just keep that hair out of the way in a cute stylish way.  They are also very affordable!  I will have some in my in my FB shop today.  Just send me a message if you would like one!    Once I made this one for my friend, I decided to give some glitter htv (heat transferred vinyl) a try!  Some folks like a little bling with their headbands!  Well, it is time to go outside find some JOY today!

Bring on the Bling!  Yes, that is an awesome summer weight scarf sitting there too!

Bring on the Bling! Yes, that is an awesome summer weight scarf sitting there too!


It’s Snowing!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here on the west side of the Ohio River.  Today, not so much.  It’s been snowing for less than an hour now and there’s probably a inch already accumulated.  Fortunately, we had plenty of inside chores and activities to keep us busy.

I received a new shipment of bangle bracelets yesterday and I am so excited to show them to you.  They are a rich jewel tones combined with black to make a very nice animal print.  I couldn’t wait to turn a few of them into my “Blessed” bracelets.  These are a bit different in shape as well.  The band is graduated to where it is thinner on the back side.  They are also a hinged a design.  They fit a normal to to small size wrist very well.   

I have four ready to go that I will share with you today.  Let me know if I can do a custom bracelet for you, just send me a private message on my Facebook page and we will discuss it.  I hope you are in a warmer part of the country but if you are not stay warm!Image